Thursday, October 13, 2011


The shampoo wars, soap wars, telecoms wars, and cough and cold wars continue, said Barrero, noting an overall 15-percent growth in spending for traditional media, with TV grabbing 77 percent of the total ad expenditures.

These wars are reflected in the expenditures per product category, with the top 10 for January to September 2011 as follows:

1. hair shampoos, rinses, treatment, hairdressing products, up 26 percent to P21.189 billion from P16.773 billion;

2. detergents and laundry preparations, up 59 percent to P13.459 billion from P8.461 billion;

3. communication and telecommunication, up by 8 percent to P10.589 billion from P9.769 billion;

4. other food products and other biscuits and bakeshops, up by 33 percent to P7.828 billion from P5.895 billion;

5. toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush, up by 12 percent to P7.595 billion from P6.777 billion;

6. cough and cold remedies, up by 29 percent to P7.364 billion from P5,721 billion;

7. entertainment, up by 72 percent to P7.187 billion from P4.175 billion;

8. powdered milk, up by 25 percent to P6.888 billion from P5.526 billion;

9. skin care up by 17 percent to P6.459 billion from P5.517 billion; and

10. propriety drugs/other than vitamins and tonics, up by 7 percent to P6.373 billion from P5.929 billion.

The survey also found that:

* Advertisers continue to support TV with more coming in compared to same period last year, as it become stronger with increased spend, spots and minutes.

* Radio and print both improved in spend but remained unable to outdo last year’s spots.

* Nestle and L’Oreal continue to lead the advertisers with most growth year-on-year.

One surprise was the growing business in events, concerts, and entertainment, with new player Ovation Production, entering the top 20 advertisers.

Another surprising finding is that for the second year, the top 20 advertisers were not really kings of advertisers, Barrero said. While they used to constitute half of the advertising expenditures, that is not true for the second time in 2011.

“We see a lot of new advertisers,” he said, naming the herbal category as among the fastest growing advertising category. 

Source: InteraksyonTV
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