Thursday, October 13, 2011


Billboards found a following among the following advertising groups with their corresponding expenditures on these media: communication and telecommunication, P317 million; real estate, P303 million; department stores, supermarts, jewelry, and beauty shops, P240 million; other food products, biscuits, and bakeshops, P187 million; textile companies, fabrics, and haberdasheries, P186 million; banks, finance companies, and investment houses, P119 million;

Hospitals, clinics, and equipment/drugstores, P84 million; hotels, resorts, clubs, and venue rentals, P76 million; rubber shoes and other footwear, P65 million; and business machines and office equipment, P54 million.

Among billboard advertisers, the top spender for January to August 2011 was Smart Communications Inc. spending P119 million, followed by Suyen Corp. (makers of Bench clothing), P95 million, and Jollibee, P94 million.

The next seven big billboard spenders were: SM Development Corp., P68 million; Golden ABC Inc. (makers of Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo, Forme clothing), P54 million; Coca-Cola Export Co., P47 million; Asia Brewery, P46.5 million; Globe Telecom, P43 million; Digital Telecommunications, P42.6 million; and Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise Inc., P41.15 million.

Source: InteraksyonTV
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