Tuesday, April 24, 2012


With press releases left and right claiming their national supremacy in the ratings game, one could wonder why an article like this is being written to portray GMA Network as declining.Business-wise, the Kapuso network is sound. It is earning. And it is not in debt.

One is the slow and low content development. The network, amid its claim of being the top rating network, lags behind ABS-CBN in the number of shows in development, and the number of locally-produced shows currently being aired.

Although both networks utilized movie blocks to create stable, eye-ball drawing, and revenue-generating blocks with cost effeciency, GMA has in a way went overboard. In fact, one could wonder if the network executives are turning the network into a movie channel to compete not with ABS-CBN, but with Cinema One.

Apart from its 'Kapuso Movie Festival' airing in the mornings from Mondays to Sundays, GMA has also cancelled most of its shows in its Sunday block, and allowed block of 3 movies back-to-back-to-back.

I say the network is declining as most of its recent offerings were either conceptually half-baked, and unappealing to advertisers. Instead of coming up it usual fare of innovative programs, tho high-edgy new platforms which stood apart from ABS-CBN's usual formulaic shows, GMA opted for a quick relief --- the movie blocks.

How come a network boasting leadership is getting swamped with movie blocks, if not Korean imports who are not even Proudly Pinoy made?

The answer is on the business perspective. But we are not businessmen.

We are TV viewers. We only want shows that will entertain us, but not in a way annoy us on how ill-made they are.

Gone are the days that GMA Network surprises us viewers with its out-of-the-box offerings. Gone are the days of its entertaining all-original reality programs and ultra-funny sitcoms.

All the network could come up is to develop sitcoms to be top-billed by its biggest stars, not the usual comic stars we have learned to love. Where are the shows like 'Bahay Mo Ba 'To?' ? They even cancelled its one and only sitcom that is genuinely funny and watchable --- I'm looking at you 'Pepito Manaloto'.

But a Kapuso fan could could get a glimpse of hope, as new shows are now being announced. Two sitcoms are already being reported on development, the genre that is deemed a strength of GMA. Also one good note is the network strengthening its already strong daytime block, anchored by blocktimer 'Eat Bulaga' and a string of traditional soap operas which are tried and tested audience drawers.

I just hope that GMA would soon commit to develop new shows, which are groundbreaking and innovative. Refrain from following the footsteps of ABS-CBN. Why follow when you claim to be the industry leader? Right?

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