Monday, April 16, 2012


This was the remark made by its chief executive and chairman Gabby Lopez III during a symposium in Cebu.

This is related to the talk about what station is number one in the country.

He shared that he’s not shocked by recent transfers made by their former artists such as Sharon Cuneta, Aga Muhlach, Willie Revillame and Derek Ramsay. Rather, he’s thankful to TV5 for accepting them to their fold.

He said even if some of their stars have transferred, there are still a lot of them left and there are more to come.

He has a strong conviction on the network’s capability on making people famous. He knows that even stars which seem to have no chance of making it are experiencing the magic.

He also made mention on the billion-peso worth of contracts by TV5’s Manny V. Pangilinan but until now, those artists have no project to talk about. He also chided GMA7 for its claim of being number one. Mr. Lopez explained that whichever station has the higher advertising rates is considered the real number one.

He also mentioned the number of endorsements their artists are getting. He emphasized that advertisers have more faith in them.

And lastly, ABS-CBN has a solid and tested formula in its consistent high rating soap operas.

How could the others refute that? Just asking…

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