Wednesday, April 3, 2013


MANILA, Philippines -- Makabayan senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño on Wednesday revealed a jaw-dropping truth behind placing a 30-second ad spot on National TV. Casiño disclosed the cost for airing a 30-second ad in ABS-CBN which stands for more than half-a-million pesos! It is not yet clear whether the 30% discount for Political Ads aired on National TV is already discounted on the mentioned amount. But if the amount is already discounted, then the real cost for advertising on ABS-CBN is a mind-blowing P769,417.00 for a 30-second ad spot!     

Advertising on ABS-CBN's Provincial stations is nowhere close to cheap as a 30-second ad spot costs P24,138! Really, if anyone is serious about winning a senatorial bid, he/she definitely needs to ready his/her millions!

On the question whether ABS-CBN has the right charge such price, well the fact that  channel 2 is crowded with commercial advertisements answers it well.  

Below is Casiño's statement: 

"A 30-second national ad in ABS-CBN, which simultaneously airs in 36 provincial TV stations, is worth P538,592 while a 30-second ad airing in only one of its local stations is only worth P24,138 (4.5% of cost of a national TV ad spot). We can only afford a few spots of national TV ads and we placed 12 minutes in ABS-CBN Davao and Cebu totaling P555,166, which is almost equivalent to a single 30-second ad in national television," Casino explained.

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