Thursday, January 3, 2013


Queen of all media Kris Aquino took to micro-blogging site Twitter her dismay on a recent review of her movie Sisterakas written by J.I.E Teodoro and published on GMAnetwork.com last December 31.In her official Twitter account, Kris shared a link of the said article and encouraged her followers to read the piece. In a reply to one of her followers, Kris said that the piece is not a review but more of a personal attack against her.

"Read the piece. Simple reply, how sad for him because i'm here to stay & will try my best to bug him for many yrs more!," shared Kris. "Actually it wasn't a review, more of a personal attack against me, that's y [sic] I am grateful to my audience because u [sic] negate his view," replied Kris to one of her followers who said that the review is biased.

Teodoro, a professor and blogger, in his review said that Sisterakas is a "shamelessly 'money-trip' movie" that is purely driven by profit with Ai Ai Delas Alas as the only "saving grace." Teodoro also wrote that Kris Aquino is the "greatest disgrace of the movie as she cannot deliver punchlines and awkward in doing comedy, which he said is a far more difficult genre than drama or horror."

As a message to Teodoro, Kris said that she will never leave showbiz to bug the reviewer. "That’s y [sic] I want to be around to give him so much more reasons to be bitter- hehehe," Kris said in a reply to a fan. 

"OA na hatred for me diba? Hehehe- kaya para lalong mabwisit by February i’ll be on TV 12X a wk! Kris Tv(5), KKI(5) & PGT(2)," Kris told MJ Felipe.

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