Thursday, December 22, 2011


Charice Pempengco is a singer and actress who first got attention through YouTube. Charice Pempengco has an estimated net worth of $17 million. Oprah said she is one of the most talented girls from this time. Charice released her first album ‘Charice’ in 2010 and it entered the Billboard 200 at number 8. She began her career with competing in singing competitions to help support her family as a child. She ended on the third place in a major tv competition called ‘Little Big Star’ in 2005. 

After this she started to make videos and upload them to YouTube and she got a lot of attention through those uploaded videos. She caught attention from Ten Songs / Productions from Sweden and her first single was shortly followed after. She appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and the Oprah Winfrey show. Her name was established. She also performed with Andrea Bocellii and Celine Dion. Those are no small names to begin with. Charice Pempengco also started to appear in ‘Glee’ during season 2. By now she has released three studio albums. Her success is only going to grow as she is very young and very popular already.

Donald Trump 1. Donald Trump

Oprah 2. Oprah

Michael Jordan 3. Michael Jordan

Madonna 4. Madonna

P Diddy 5. P Diddy

Mariah Carey 6. Mariah Carey

Howard Stern 7. Howard Stern

Jay Z 8. Jay Z

Tom Hanks 9. Tom Hanks

Alex Rodriguez 10. Alex Rodriguez

Adam Sandler 11. Adam Sandler

Beyonce 12. Beyonce

50 Cent 13. 50 Cent

Simon Cowell 14. Simon Cowell

Dr Dre 15. Dr Dre

Tom Cruise 16. Tom Cruise

Johnny Depp 17. Johnny Depp

Missy Elliott 18. Missy Elliott

Will Smith 19. Will Smith

Leonardo DiCaprio 20. Leonardo DiCaprio

Kobe Bryant 21. Kobe Bryant

Mark Wahlberg 22. Mark Wahlberg

Britney Spears 23. Britney Spears

Brad Pitt 24. Brad Pitt

Snoop Dogg 25. Snoop Dogg

Ashton Kutcher 26. Ashton Kutcher

Usher 27. Usher

Ryan Seacrest 28. Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga 29. Lady Gaga

Angelina Jolie 30. Angelina Jolie

Miley Cyrus 31. Miley Cyrus

Eminem 32. Eminem

Robbie Williams 33. Robbie Williams

Birdman 34. Birdman

Ben Stiller 35. Ben Stiller

Timbaland 36. Timbaland

LeBron James 37. LeBron James

Jessica Simpson 38. Jessica Simpson

Christina Aguilera 39. Christina Aguilera

Glenn Beck 40. Glenn Beck

Robert Downey 41. Robert Downey

Lil Wayne 42. Lil Wayne

Justin Bieber 43. Justin Bieber

Gwen Stefani 44. Gwen Stefani

Kanye West 45. Kanye West

Pharrell Williams 46. Pharrell Williams

Akon 47. Akon

Tim Allen 48. Tim Allen

Taylor Swift 49. Taylor Swift

Justin Timberlake 50. Justin Timberlake

Pink 51. Pink

Rihanna 52. Rihanna

Kylie Minogue 53. Kylie Minogue

Charlie Sheen 54. Charlie Sheen

Ludacris 55. Ludacris

Alicia Keys 56. Alicia Keys

Nelly 57. Nelly

Paris Hilton 58. Paris Hilton

Katy Perry 59. Katy Perry

Mary J Blige 60. Mary J Blige

Andrea Bocelli 61. Andrea Bocelli

David Guetta 62. David Guetta

T.I. 63. T.I.

Kim Kardashian 64. Kim Kardashian

Jon Cryer 65. Jon Cryer

Nas 66. Nas

Dallas Austin 67. Dallas Austin

Jude Law 68. Jude Law

T-Pain 69. T-Pain

Kelly Clarkson 70. Kelly Clarkson

Nelly Furtado 71. Nelly Furtado

Keri Hilson 72. Keri Hilson

Rick Ross 73. Rick Ross

The Game 74. The Game

Soulja Boy 75. Soulja Boy

Chris Brown 76. Chris Brown

Cheryl Cole 77. Cheryl Cole

Drake 78. Drake

Leona Lewis 79. Leona Lewis

Chris Berman 80. Chris Berman

Adam Levine 81. Adam Levine

Kelly Rowland 82. Kelly Rowland

Charice Pempengco 83. Charice Pempengco

Ne-Yo 84. Ne-Yo

Naomi Watts 85. Naomi Watts

Young Jeezy 86. Young Jeezy

Sean Paul 87. Sean Paul

Flo Rida 88. Flo Rida

Will Young 89. Will Young

Sara Bareilles 90. Sara Bareilles

Adele 91. Adele

Taio Cruz 92. Taio Cruz

Cyndi Lauper 93. Cyndi Lauper

Barack Obama 94. Barack Obama

Gavin DeGraw 95. Gavin DeGraw

Kesha 96. Kesha

Pitbull 97. Pitbull

Calvin Harris 98. Calvin Harris

Nicki Minaj 99. Nicki Minaj

Bruno Mars 100. Bruno Mars

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