Thursday, September 29, 2011


Months after getting relatively favorable reviews for it, Microsoft has started rolling out the latest version of its operating system for smartphones, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

The updated Mango OS has upgrades to communication tools and an improved communication hub with consumer experience being a top priority, tech site Mashable reported.

“Our top goal was product satisfaction," Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman said in an interview on Mashable.

Microsoft still lags behind Google's Android and Apple's iOS, but it expects a boost from a boost from Nokia’s upcoming smartphones using its Windows Phone OS.

New features, upgrades

Mango introduces more than 500 changes in total, with Windows Phone users receiving the update over the air.

While Windows Phone had supported Facebook and Windows Live integration before, Mango now adds support for LinkedIn and Twitter.

Microsoft has developed advanced algorithms for matching Twitter and LinkedIn handles to contacts, Mashable added.

Other upgrades include improved Groups features, including the ability to send instant messages to small groups, and threaded conversations for Facebook and Windows Live messaging.

Apps support

Mashable reported Mango will make Windows Phone’s 30,000+ apps more discoverable, useful and accessible.

It said Microsoft introduced a web version of Windows Marketplace so users can browse apps from the desktop.

Also, improved Live Tiles will deliver richer information from apps, while users can create multiple Live Tiles from the same app.


A long-needed feature, app multitasking, will now allow switching apps without having to close an app being used.

Mango also introduces Visual Voicemail and Internet sharing (“tethering") to Windows Phone devices, but carriers will control the introduction and pricing for these two features. — TJD, GMA News
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