Friday, December 28, 2012


FILIPINOS CONTINUE to rate President Benigno S. C. Aquino III’s performance as "very good" but his net score has fallen from a personal record high hit earlier this year, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) said in a new report.

Mr. Aquino’s December net satisfaction rating of +55 (72% satisfied minus the 17% dissatisfied) was down 12 points from the +67 (77% satisfied, 10% dissatisfied) recorded in August, results of a Dec. 8-11 poll made exclusive to BusinessWorld showed.

The result brought the president’s annual average to a "very good" +53, identical to his 2011 score and nine points below 2010’s +62 (also "very good") -- the highest so far in his three years in office.

Malacañang claimed the rating was evident of the "core support" level for Mr. Aquino. An analyst, meanwhile, said the decline came as the president pushed for critical reforms.

Mr. Aquino saw his scores fall in all areas, socioeconomic classes and gender. In Luzon, the Visayas, Balance Luzon, rural areas and among the ABC class, the President particularly saw his net ratings dip to "very good" from "excellent." 

A 16-point drop was seen in Luzon, bringing Mr. Aquino’s net satisfaction rating to +54. It slipped 12 points to +64 in the Visayas, 16 points to +43 in Metro Manila and by four points to +57 in Mindanao from +61.

Rural satisfaction slipped to a "very good" +60 from an "excellent" +70, while urban satisfaction fell further to a "good" +49 from a "very good" +65 in August.

By socioeconomic class, Mr. Aquino’s net rating dived by 14 points among both the ABC and the D to +64 and +54, respectively, while it fell by six points among the class E to +56.

Satisfaction among men stayed "very good" with a net score of +56, down 11 points from August. It was also "very good" among women at +55, 12 points lower.

The SWS classifies net satisfaction scores of +70 and above as excellent; +50 to +69, very good; +30 to +49, good; +10 to +29, moderate; +9 to -9, neutral; -10 to -29, poor; -30 to -49, bad; -50 to -69, very bad; and -70 and below, execrable.

Sought for comment, Sec. Herminio "Sonny" B. Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office said: "This [rating] manifests the people’s trust in a leader with integrity, who delivers on promises, and perseveres in following the straight path."

Ramon C. Casiple, political analyst at the University of the Philippine, said the President’s hand in the passage of critical reform laws such as the reproductive health (RH) was partly to blame for the decline. 

"It was already RH period [when the survey was conducted]. His political capital is being spent there," he said.

The SWS polled 1,200 adults nationwide for the Dec. 8-11 survey, which utilized sampling error margins of ±3% for national and ±6% for area percentages.

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