Wednesday, May 16, 2012


GMA Network Inc.’s chair and chief executive officer Felipe M. Gozon on Wednesday said the network will again top the “ratings game” this year after conquering the top spot last year.

“Twenty-eleven will be remembered as the year when GMA Channel 7 first became number one in nationwide TV ratings… As a result, I am proud to report that we have remained on top of the ratings game,” Gozon said during the company’s annual stockholder’s meeting in Quezon City.

Last year, GMA posted a full-year average household audience share of 34.2 percent or 3.1 percent higher than its rival network ABS-CBN, and average rating of 31.1 percent, the CEO said citing data from Nielsen TV Audience Management.

“Our sustained dominance in TV ratings is a key factor why 2012 is shaping up to be another banner year for our network,” he said, noting that as early as February  the network and its major advertisers inked a deal worth 85 percent of its gross revenue target for 2012.

The network is moving toward digitization of its broadcast system, according to the network chief.

“We are ready and determined to remain as the top broadcast station in the face of the challenges that digitization is slowly but surely casting upon our industry,” he said.

“Our efforts toward full digitization continue with only a few more things needing to be done. When the industry finally switches to digital TV technology, we will hit the ground running,” Gozon vowed.

On April, GMA network announced a P.40 per share cash dividend. —Rouchelle Dinglasan/GMA News

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