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After becoming the first runner-up in Season 11 of "American Idol," Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez may get at least $30,000 in advances for recording singles, reportedly a much smaller amount compared to what the previous runners-up received.

According to a report of the news site NJ.com on Friday: "Coming in second on "American Idol" may still be a path to superstardom, but it no longer offers guaranteed paychecks worthy of the next pop idol or rock star."Apart from this, Sanchez will only receive at least $60,000 if she is asked to record four to 10 extended play songs.

An Associated Press review of the Fox show's contracts revealed that for the first time ever in ‘Idol’ history, the shows producers did not offer an album deal for the runner-up.

NJ.com said in the past seasons of "American Idol," the runners-up received album deal along with a guaranteed advance of at least $175,000.

The report added that the guaranteed album deal for ‘Idol’ runners-up is currently “under development” by 19 Recordings Inc, the company which has the option to handle albums and recordings of ‘Idol’ contestants years after their appearance in the show.

19 Recordings Inc. and the producers of "American Idol" have yet to disclose the record deal which they will offer to Sanchez, if any, NJ.com noted.

Lowest-rated final show

Max Dawson, a Northwestern University professor who teaches a course on reality television, said the cost-cutting was logical because Season 11’s finale was the lowest-rated final show for "American Idol."

Dawson said the rewards and incentives cannot be the same when the previous finale shows used to average 25 to 30 million viewers and now "the finale is barely breaking 20 million."

He also stated that he is not surprised with the current direction that "American Idol" top contestants are taking because single song sales are now higher compared to full album sales.

Dave Bakula, senior vice president of analytics for Nielsen’s SoundScan, backed this up, noting that in 2011, 1.3 billion single songs were sold compared to 331 million only for albums.

Bakula also said that producers are now trying to be "flexible" with how they develop artists in various genres.

Possible album for Sanchez

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that Sanchez is already discussing a possible album with Tommy Mottola, former Sony Music Entertainment executive and currently co-owns Casablanca Records in a joint venture with the Universal Music Group.

Mottola’s wife, Mexican singer-actress Thalia, announced on Twitter: “WOWgreat news! #TommyMottola just call me from #AmericanIdol and he is confirm to work in the first #JessicaSanchez CD!#MexicanFilipinoPower”

Mottola is the mastermind behind music superstars Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and even "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez.

Phillip Phillips' deal

Meanwhile, "American Idol" Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips will be receiving a $300,000 advance upon finishing his first album, NJ.com said.

Last year's winner Scotty McCreery received the same amount.

If 19 Recordings decides to produce more albums with Phillips, he could receive up to $800,000 in advances for a six-album deal, NJ.com said.

The advances will be later taken from the royalties of the singer’s songs.

Although recent changes in the contracts made ‘Idol’ finalists earn less, they now have more avenues to earn from.

Phillips and Sanchez could earn $200,000 and $50,000 respectively for their other projects, such as promotional work for Disney, NJ.com said. They will also be getting a percentage cut from merchandise profits. - with Andrei Medina, VVP

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